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Endometriosis Specialist

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Women in their childbearing years are at increased risk for developing chronic pelvic pain and other symptoms caused by endometriosis. The team at Atlantic OB/GYN Associates, PC in Brick, New Jersey, led by skilled OB/GYN specialist Vanita Patel, MD, offers comprehensive care to relieve pain and keep other symptoms of endometriosis under control. Dr. Patel can also treat infertility that may result because of abnormal endometrial tissue growth. To learn more about treatments for endometriosis, call Atlantic OB/GYN Associates, PC or request an appointment online now.

Endometriosis Q&A

What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a chronic condition that describes abnormal growth of uterine tissue. This tissue, known as the endometrium, can grow outside of the uterine walls and onto nearby structures like your:

  • Ovaries
  • Cervix
  • Bowel
  • Bladder
  • Fallopian tubes

Complications can arise because the tissue continues to act like it normally does, thickening and breaking down with your monthly menstrual cycle. Because this tissue has nowhere to escape, you can develop symptoms that become severe enough to interfere with your daily quality of life.

What are the symptoms of endometriosis?

One of the most common symptoms of endometriosis is pelvic pain that can worsen with your period. You may also notice you have pelvic pain after sex or during bowel movements.

Other common symptoms of endometriosis include:

  • Spotting
  • Irregular periods
  • Diarrhea or constipation

Many women with endometriosis experience infertility because of the excess tissue growth on and around the reproductive organs.

How is endometriosis diagnosed?

To evaluate you for endometriosis, your Dr. Patel can feel for excess tissue during a pelvic exam.

To identify all areas of endometriosis though, you may need an ultrasound or other imaging test. She may also recommend laparoscopic surgery which involves inserting a special scope with an attached camera in through your vagina or tiny incisions in your abdomen. The camera sends real-time images to an external monitor that your doctor views to evaluate the severity of your condition.

For many women, endometriosis symptoms decrease significantly after menopause. If you’re having disruptive symptoms that require treatment, or you need help for infertility, Dr. Patel offers several treatment options for endometriosis.

How is endometriosis treated?

While there’s no cure for endometriosis, Dr. Patel can help you manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Treatments for endometriosis typically include low-dose hormonal birth control or the use of an intrauterine device (IUD). Other medications are available to control the growth of endometrial tissue if you’re actively trying to get pregnant.

When you have severe pain or other complications due to endometriosis, Dr. Patel may recommend surgery to remove excess tissue.

If you have unexplained pelvic pain, schedule a diagnostic evaluation for endometriosis using the online booking tool or by calling Atlantic OB/GYN Associates, PC today.